The ‘OPPY’ Multi Position Cameras

The 'OPPY' Multi Position Cameras

Prosumers are recording nearly every facet of their daily routine because of the ubiquitous nature of connected camera equipment, therefore, the BOUD’OPPY’camera comes as a new answer to offer advanced capabilities for shutterbugs. You carry a smart character-inspired design that hides a 13MP Sony Exmor RS sensor plus an LED indicator inside the eyes to make it pretty simple for youngsters to use.

The 'OPPY' Multi Position Cameras
It can record footage in 4K at 24fps or 720p at 120fps to make it well suited for consumers hoping to perform different effects between stop-motion to time-lapse seamlessly. The BOUD’OPPY’camera is outfitted with a malleable gooseneck aesthetic so that it is able to be easily attached to most jobs or held inside the hand with better agility.

The 'OPPY' Multi Position Cameras

With a 950mAh battery, the Oppy can record a video for a decent an hour and a half, putting away everything on a MicroSD card that fits in the back of the camera module. Worked with a solitary catch work that gives you a chance to flip between photography, video-recording, time-slip by, and moderate mo modes, the Oppy accompanies a little expectation to absorb information, yet compensates for it with its interesting and especially adaptable structure. Also, gracious, there’s an application for it as well!

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