The ‘OMNI’ Artistic Multicolor Smart Pens

The 'OMNI' Artistic Multicolor Smart Pens

Conceptual ‘OMNI’ pen has been designed as a revolutionary equipment for designers and students that will allow them to make as before without having to worry about their accessories.

The 'OMNI' Artistic Multicolor Smart Pens

This pen is able to write, draw or used to color in any desired color thanks to an advanced system that is supported by micro-ink cartridge system. This is controlled through an integrated panel that makes it choose from different colors seamless and ideal for designers who want to rapidly switch to the saturation or hue without putting the pen.

The 'OMNI' Artistic Multicolor Smart Pens

‘OMNI’ pen is the design work of David Kendall and acknowledge the increased digitization of everyday products as consumers become more familiar with technology solutions that are focused.

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