The ‘JUJU Filter’ smoke Portable & Private Smoking

The ‘JUJU Filter’ Smoke for a private smoking space for smokers and smokers only. Designed for the traditional cigarette, the ‘JUJU Filter’ purifies smoke, thereby reducing both damages and odor caused by second-hand smoke.

The 'JUJU Filter' smoke Portable & Private Smoking

With JUJU Filter, keep every one of the satisfaction of smoking while reducing unnecessary harmful side effects. The’JUJU Filter’is really a solution for smokers to work with purchasing for a way to prevent the roll-out of smoke and odors indoors or out. Using the services of traditional cigarettes, it works having a cigarette placed within the machine and turned to start the smoking experience.

The 'JUJU Filter' smoke Portable & Private Smoking

The unit features an incorporated HEPA filtration system that is exhaled through to fully eliminate the appearance of smoke lingering in an area to allow smokers illuminate wherever they are. The’JUJU Filter’ works to hold all the waste contained within and is perfect for easy use in vehicles or indoor locations where smoking might otherwise be frowned upon.

The 'JUJU Filter' smoke Portable & Private Smoking

The unit contains a vape-inspired design that is certainly becoming a hit with smokers seeking a less invasive approach to try a cigarette in public.

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