The all New Detergent Tide Eco-Box by P&G


The all New Detergent Tide Eco-Box by P&G

The Tide Eco-Box is the first product launch of the P & G Fabric Care eCommerce Innovation Group. “For the first time, we have designed the package ‘eComm-Back,’ starting with unique challenges and opportunities presented by the eCommerce environment,” said Sundar Raman, Vice President of P & G’s North America Fabric Care business. “This is a fundamentally different approach than what we took in the past and symbolizes our tireless obsession with satisfying consumers – wherever they want to buy our brand.”

The all New Detergent Tide Eco-Box by P&GP & G’s All-new Eco-Box really rearranges the way consumers shop for detergent. For one, this product is controlled to an e-commerce platform that is sent to someone’s doorstep in a “safe and secure shipping cardboard box.” Inside is an ultra-concentrated formula of Tide-branded liquid laundry detergent. Because content is improved, the product is lighter and easier to store.

The all New Detergent Tide Eco-Box by P&GThis is undoubtedly a very easy way to buy detergent because it eliminates the need to go to the store and carry heavy products back home. In addition, the Tide Eco-Box also proved to be planet-friendly. It uses 60% less plastic and 30% less water than the current version – 150 oz. Tide tap-tap.

P & G will continue to innovate in e-commerce space because it adjusts its product offerings for channels that consumers spend. “We have quite a number of interesting e-commerce projects that we are working on, and that should come as no surprise,” said Isaac Hellemn, “eCommerce is no longer a trend, this is a reality, and we are happy to continue innovating for that. ”

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