Regalia Collection Combines Modern and Classic Designs

Created to pay homage to women in power at this time, the collections of Louis Vuitton Regalia design featuring some of the most complex brand to this day. Offered as a collection of 60 pieces, new jewelry collection aims to provide women with a sense of empowerment through the authority and power. Every part depends on an intricate metal work and rich colored stones feature a rich contrast of the adjacent diamond on each piece.

While the collection of Regalia is aiming to capture a sense of splendor of Victoria, pieces also maintains a dose of savoir-faire. New graphical design with advanced married the iconic monogram V-shaped and the flowers. This produces a series of interlacing forms that allow the collection of Regalia became very different but still recognizable Louis Vuitton.

References: hk.asiatatler & luxurylaunches

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