Multitool ‘Claw’ is smaller than a Penny

A company called Malboro & Kane multitools offers a variety of very small in size but big on features.

Multitool claw measure in at just 0.7 inches, which makes it smaller than a penny. This Multitool is first and foremost a bottle opener, but the design also allows for use carefully open the cans and work with screws designed for a flathead screwdriver. What’s more, this multitool can also come in handy when you are struggling to remove the battery from the device or release the staple from the pile of paper.

Multitool 'Claw' is smaller than a Penny

Available for the price of $29, multitool paw is an example of a miniature design aims to solve some problems in a simple package.

Multitool 'Claw' is smaller than a Penny

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