‘MSI Mystic Knight’ High-Density Gamer Backpack

'MSI Mystic Knight' High-Density Gamer Backpack

MSI Mystic Knight Bag is a versatile accessory for avid gamers to utilize when looking for stylish and high-density way to bring all important technology with them wherever they go.

'MSI Mystic Knight' High-Density Gamer Backpack

This backpack has a polite look-black with red accents and features high-density foam padding throughout which protects the technology without sacrificing comfort. This bag also features a built-in rain cover that will better protect the contents from damage, which is the first of its kind feature on a computer backpack to make it ideal for commuters.

MSI Mystic Knight Backpack has enough space for a laptop up to 17 inches in size along with all the additional equipment for gaming or productivity purposes.

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