Lark & Berry’s New Elegant Jewelry Brand

Lark & Berry's Elegant Jewelry Brand

Lark & Berry is a brand new jewelry based outside London that distinguishes itself by creating an elegant diamond jewelry.

Lark & Berry's Elegant Jewelry Brand

The brand specializes in combining precious metals with diamonds that are grown in the laboratory to create a stunning accessory pieces that are classic and thick with spirits who like to tinker. These brands are putting a premium on design, sustainability, and accessibility, with prices that range from $200 to $100,000 only for some jewelry and wedding collections with pieces of gold 18 k and platinum.

Lark & Berry's Elegant Jewelry Brand

Brand new jewelry is out to disrupt the industry by providing an alternative to many exploitative practices currently in place in the world of diamond mining. As well as offering pieces of extraordinary style to consumers, Lark & Berry created the diamond jewelry with a cultured stone that is environmentally friendly and 100% can be tracked.

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