i-Optex Will Enable People Renew Their Vision Prescriptions Online Anywhere

i-Optex Renew Their Vision Prescriptions Online Anywhere

PerfectLensWorld is launching i-Optex as a modern, highly accessible online vision prescription service that gives safe, reliable online vision tests and the ability for anyone to resume their vision prescriptions effortlessly from your working computer, a smartphone as well as another handheld mobile device.

After sharing a 15-minute test supplied by an accredited ophthalmologist in one’s area, i-Optex provides prescriptions for adults between 18 and 50 within a unique vision prescription range. i-Optex costs a lesser amount of per prescription, per user and fewer than half the price of most office visits.

As PerfectLensWorld only provides lenses with negative powers, people who certain vision requirements toric or plus-power lenses—will get their vision prescription through i-Optex but must pick the lenses they need through a different provider.

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