‘Helzberg Diamonds’ Perfect Ring Later

'Helzberg Diamonds' Perfect Ring Later

Helzberg Diamonds developed The ‘Will You?’ Ring as a unique new proposal ring designed to eliminate the pressure of choosing the perfect ring for your partner and potentially making him dislike him. Thus, the $ 50 ring is designed to allow a confident proposal to be made, so the partner can then decide on the perfect engagement ring together later on and time-and get a discount on their official Helzberg Diamonds engagement ring.

'Helzberg Diamonds' Perfect Ring Later

As part of his research, Helzberg Diamonds found that “almost half of women in relationships say engagement rings do not need to be present in the proposal” and most people believe that couples must choose a joint engagement ring.

Since Helzberg Diamonds recognizes that old traditions do not resonate with current partners, this new ring offers a way to preserve romance and win joint decisions.

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