Google’s New Conceptual VR Roller Skates

Google's New Conceptual VR Roller Skates

Currently, solutions for walking in VR are limited by large and expensive 360-degree treadmills, but Google’s new VR shoes patent shows that the tech giant is enthusiastic about solving this VR issue.

Best called stationary skates, this Google patent closely resembles roller skates and is described in the patent as “motorized footwear.” These VR shoes essentially sync up with a VR headset and allow users to walk anywhere in VR without bumping into any real walls.

This technology may only work in a large space, however, the VR shoes actually feature a sensor that brings users back to a “return zone” should they venture beyond a prescribed area. This can help avoid collisions with real-world objects, while still enabling a freedom of movement in a VR space.

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