Google’s Daydream VR Now Makes for Seamless Browser Access for Chrome

Google's Daydream VR Now Makes for Seamless Browser Access for Chrome

Google’s Daydream VR is trying to keep users in VR spaces these days letting them utilize the web browser Chrome whilst in virtual reality. Being an exact replica of the browser, the Daydream VR -enabled Chrome will let users access exactly the same features they expect from Google Chrome -including incognito mode, voice search and saved bookmarks.

The VR version of the browser also includes some new features, for example, an optimized method of navigating web pages in an online environment. The integration of Chrome for that Daydream VR means users are able to easily jump between viewing pages on the phone and on the VR headset.

According to Google, the shift from mobile to virtual truth is seamless, whether that page contains news articles or simply a YouTube video.

Daydream’s integration with existing Google products has become a feature for any company, although Google VR apps have spread to numerous headsets; it released a YouTube app for any Samsung Gear VR just last week. There aren’t necessarily people clamoring to shift all their web browsing to virtual reality. But a full-featured browser is wonderful for doing things like finding out about tutorials to get a VR app specifically in a self-contained headset like the Mirage Solo where you can’t just switch back to normal mobile browsing.

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