Golucci Boasts a Tranquil Wooden Interior Design in Beijing

Golucci Interior Architects

Golucci Interior Architects produces an incredibly minimalist wooden shop ambiance for just a newly opened specialist fan retailer in Beijing. The business enterprise occupies a vintage townhouse. Inside, the retail space boasts an effortlessly harmonious vibe because of oak-lined features.

Golucci Interior Architects

The sizable windows, that happen to be a part of the house’s silhouette, allow having an influx of light to go in the wood shop interior moreover passers-by to remotely see the welcoming space as well as a minimalist display of fan options.

Golucci Interior Architects

Golucci Interior Architects aimed to generate a space that is obtainable and uncluttered, in addition to one that appeals to young consumer sensibilities. Wood is usually a good starting point because the material satisfies these intentions through its natural and warmth-inducing qualities.

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