Fusion Speaker with a remote camera shutter button and anti-loss alarm

The devices ‘Fusion’ has been designed by Ivan Gurin for Aiia International and has a design of three-in-one which makes it a powerful solution to take with you apart from your smartphone. Acting as a speaker first and foremost, this device is small enough to carry in addition to your Smartphone and also serves as a remote shutter to take a group photo or selfie. This device can also track the location of your Smartphone, which makes it an anti-loss alarm system which effectively protects you from theft or accidental loss.

The devices ‘ Fusion ‘ has a very courteous design that is small enough to carry in your hand and kept with you at all times to accommodate the lifestyle of consumers who are increasingly mobile.

Fusion is a name that fit these speakers that pack a punch 3-in-1 pint-sized package in just a fraction of the size of your mobile phone! Although small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, it really provides a lot more functionality than just play back your song.

The design of the triple threat also serves as a remote camera shutter button to help you take photos remotely. It also serves as the anti-loss alarm systems, ensures that each property You attach it will be safe from theft.

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