‘Dolly PLUS’ The edelkrone Works with Any Tripod

'Dolly PLUS' The edelkrone Works with Any Tripod

The edelkrone’DollyPLUS’is a high home gym for videographers and prosumers to implement when filming videos to provide an enhanced degree control containing previously only be possible with professional solutions.

It works together with existing tripod to include a motorized functionality designed to let users record without someone behind you, that may be quickly being a common area of video production. The device allows users to program distinctive camera motions from your accompanying app to record content like never before.

'Dolly PLUS' The edelkrone Works with Any Tripod

The edelkrone’DollyPLUS’can handle payloads of 30 pounds while the Pro version works with as many as 45 pounds, causing them to be perfect for heavier, professional-grade equipment. Match the DollyPLUS from edelkrone: a motorized dolly that mixes with you guessed it-your camera and tripod for curved and smooth straight slides.

'Dolly PLUS' The edelkrone Works with Any Tripod

It might move any tripod on flat surfaces. You can actually combine it with a motorized visit program 4- and 5-axis camera motions. Your edelkrone devices will be controlled within one app. They work together with iOS and Android devices. The DollyPLUS has max 30lb carrying capacity while the Pro version can handle 45lb of a load. Thanks to this motorized dolly, you could select multiple points for the straight line and offer you guessed it-your camera slide to many of these points or loop between them.

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