App Music for the Brain App Music for the Brain

The brains behind the app believe music is the future of medicine which it is often overlooked as a tool for mental and therapeutic practices. The app creates music with the brain to amplify focus, enhance meditation and in some cases initiate naps within only 10-15 minutes of listening.

They at is comprised of a series of engineers, scientists, musicians, and entrepreneurs dedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries with the connectivity between your brain and music. The engineers behind the app created an AI engine that composes the many music, with the assistance of neuroscientists and musicians. The objective of will be to integrate music with auditory neuroscience to achieve that capability of enabling any mental state App Music for the Brain

The app is funded through the National Science Foundation since it’s easy incorporation into any daily lifestyle proves to experience a high potential for widespread usage. The app is available online at, within the iOS App Store, plus the Google Play Store. The first five sessions have the freedom, with subscription options that vary monthly, tri-monthly, or yearly.


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