A coat of ‘SNOW-C ‘ Charging Packs in your Pocket

A coat of 'SNOW-C ' Charging Pack in your Pocket

‘Snow-C’ jacket has been designed to offer smartphone users with a piece of clothing was upgraded from that would allow them to keep warm during the winter while also staying connected. Packed with 3,000 mAH power bank light, the jacket is able to provide the user with Qi-enabled smartphones the ability to charge the device without connecting them to any cable. This means that only the Save devices in the front chest pocket will be filled as You go back and forth to eliminate the occurrence of battery is dead on arrival.

A coat of 'SNOW-C ' Charging Pack in your Pocket

The jackets ‘snow-C’ indicates an increasing shift toward clothes is connected as consumers continue to need new ways to keep their modern lifestyle that is focused on mobile technology products technology and so on.

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